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Currently Not Collectible

Currently Not Collectible

The IRS is aware of situations where back taxes cannot be paid due to your income and lack of assets available. 

Our professionals contact the IRS to negotiate lower payments and utilize currently not collectible (CNC) status to try and settle the tax debt. This offers tax payers that are on a fixed or limited income a non-collectible status for a period of time and the IRS will not try and collect from you. The amount of time varies for each person and there is a statute of limitations available.

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Penalty Abatement Negotiations

Tax Time Resolution features senior tax agents that work with you on

installation agreement negotiations, tax penalty abatement and will ensure your disputes with the IRS are resolved in a timely manner.When an illness, job loss, or divorce prevents you from paying on time and debt begins to compound, let us work with the IRS to protect you and your assets.

Payment Plan

Payment Plans

We provide installment agreement negotiations for clients that help if you don't qualify for CNC. We negotiate a payment plan to help clients repay their tax debt and make it more manageable.

Our negotiations are on a case-by-case basis for people in a variety of tax situations, and our agents are qualified to deal with the IRS.

Reduce Penalties

Reduce Penalties

If you show the IRS an inability to pay some of the penalties assessed, you may have them lowered to allow you to pay the tax and  

interest owed. Our enrolled agents work with clients and make compliance calls on their behalf using all their information. We gather all status information and negotiate eligibility with the IRS and offer clients the best penalty abatement available.

Credit Repair We understand that many of our clients with IRS Tax problems may also have Credit problems. We can help you with your credit problems and put you back on the right track to financial freedom. Speak to one of our Agents today and find out how you can repair your credit.

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Offer in compromiseOffer in Compromise An Offer in Compromise is an out of court agreement between the IRS and the taxpayer that negotiates a resolution to the taxpayer’s liability, while placing

collection efforts on hold. The Internal Revenue Service has the authority to settle or compromise federal tax liabilities by accepting less than full payment under certain circumstances. The circumstances are:

• Doubt as to liability — Doubt exists that the assessed
tax is correct.
• Doubt as to collectability — Doubt exists that you could ever pay the full amount of tax owed.
• Effective tax administration – Economic hardship which present little chance of repayment.

If you are a candidate for an Offer in Compromise and meet the IRS criteria, our tax professionals will contact the IRS for you and negotiate your Offer in Compromise settlement. The negotiations usually center on the proper valuation of your assets, accurate information about your monthly income, and living expenses.

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