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Tax Liability Notice

Liens & Levies

Our team of agents files all paperwork needed to prevent and lift all types of liens and levies on property the IRS is attempting to collect on. Federal tax liens 

gives the IRS priority on real and personal property against all other creditors. We employ many different strategies to protect your assets prior to them being frozen or seized.

Contact us for dedicated agents who work to stop wage garnishment and stop bank levies.

Stop Wage Garnishment

Stop Wage Garnishment

Tax Time Resolution provides professional agents that work to stop wage garnishment and lift bank levies and liens, so you can pay your tax debts quickly. We employ every process available to protect the property and assets that are dear to you. When the IRS notifies an

employer of back tax debt, the employer is required by law to send a portion of each paycheck to the IRS. Our enrolled agents negotiate a partial or full release of wage garnishments if you qualify for a program that helps you pay off debt and back taxes through a payment plan.

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